General counsel & Lynn

Eighty percent of your work is standard, and that is a shame. Why should you spend so much time screening NDAs or processor agreements? Let Lynn do that for you.

Lawyerbot Lynn has been trained on thousands of standard contracts, so she can review your contracts accurately and without question. Even at night, and while you are negotiating, working out or finalizing more important matters.

You can even give your business colleagues direct access: if Lynn finds the agreement, you do not have to look at it again. And if Lynn identifies a problem, you can review it immediately and with a text proposal. Lynn is the ideal paralegal.

Bedrijfsjurist en Lynn
The key benefits

Speed and legal accuracy

Deploying as pre-screening for business saves you time

You decide what Lynn will and will not accept

Assured against professional errors in the review

Interested to know more about Lynn?

Want to know everything about Lynn's functionalities? Want to know how Lynn can be applied in your organisation? Our legal tech experts are happy to share their thoughts without any obligation.