Data Protection Officer & Lynn

There is no such thing as ‘the’ processor’s agreement, according to the Personal Data Authority in 2020. And you know this all too well: how many of these documents do you receive each week? Or a day? Each agreement is different, yet they are all the same and they all have to comply with the AVG.

As a DPO or privacy officer, you are already busy enough with the really important work: that DPIA for a new innovation, reviewing a processing operation or dealing with complex requests from data subjects. So why would you want to spend time checking standard contracts for standard texts?

Let Lynn review your processing agreements. Within minutes she will check for about thirty standard issues. And the good thing is not only will problems be spotted, but you will also receive a text proposal and comments that can be sent to the other party straight away.

Data Processing Agreement review
The key benefits

Speed and legal accuracy

Trained on thousands of processor agreements

Counteroffers are made based on best practice standard texts which greatly increases the chances of acceptance

You decide how strict you want AVG compliance to be

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