Attorney & Lynn

You are knowledgeable and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Your clients come to you because of difficult legal issues, in which they need advice or legal steps from you. This includes the screening of contracts, but is that something you have to do by hand every time?

Efficiency must come first, and clients are becoming increasingly critical of that. Can you still justify the time (and therefore cost) of a manual review of a standard contract? And wouldn’t you rather spend your valuable time on the real challenges?

Let Lynn check non-disclosure agreements and processing agreements for standard points. Within minutes you will have a review, including proposed text and comments that you can quickly check and send to the other party (or your client). You can also have clients do the screening themselves as an intake, in order to do the review of the findings in less time (and thus less cost to the client).

Bedrijfsjurist en Lynn
The key benefits

Speed and legal accuracy

Points that need extra attention and output texts completely adjustable by choice

Adjustments are made based on best practice texts and models from legal practice

Assured against professional errors in the review

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