What can Lynn do for me?

Different users use the Lynn Legal platform. Read below to find out what solutions we offer for each type of user.

Eighty percent of your work is standard, and that is a shame. Why should you spend so much time screening NDAs or processor agreements? Let Lynn do that for you.

You are knowledgeable and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Your clients come to you because of difficult legal issues, in which they need advice or legal steps from you. This includes the screening of contracts, but is that something you have to do by hand every time?

There is no such thing as ‘the’ processor’s agreement, according to the Personal Data Authority in 2020. And you know this all too well: how many of these documents do you receive each week? Or a day? Each agreement is different, yet they are all the same and they all have to comply with the AVG.

Every supplier comes with a lot of paperwork, and everything must be legally checked. Much of it you can do yourself, but sometimes you need the company lawyer or attorney. Why not let Lynn do some of that?

Interested to know more about Lynn?

Want to know everything about Lynn's functionalities? Want to know how Lynn can be applied in your organisation? Our legal tech experts are happy to share their thoughts without any obligation.