We are convinced that we can offer even better services together with our partners. Learn more about some of our partners below. Interested to become a partner?

ICTRecht B.V.

Employing more than 60 specials ICTRecht provides her clients with expert and practical legal advice on the field of privacy, cloud and e-commerce.

Evidos B.V.

Evidos stands for Evidence in Online Services, that is to say being secure while operating on the internet. Evidos is a market leader in the field of electronic signatures and electronic identification.

Zynyo B.V.

Zynyo’s mission is to make valid, secure and responsible digital signing of documents accessible and feasible for everyone.

Aangetekend Mailen
Aangetekend B.V.

Aangetekend BV offers a legally valid digital solution for sending and receiving business-critical documents.