How do I use Lynn?

You can call Lynn in three ways:

  1. Through the website, where you upload a document and get a review back.
  2. By email, where you forward or email a document and get a review back by reply email within minutes.
  3. Via the API, whereby the document is uploaded by one of your IT systems and the results are integrated into your own environment.
Hoe gebruik ik Lynn
Text recognition and estimation

First, the text is extracted from the document and the clauses from the contract are recognized: duration, liability, confidentiality, third-party clauses and so on. This involves checking for the correct language, including spelling variations and testing for edge cases.

As a second step, the recognized clauses are assessed for risk: is it too strict, too long or just too much in favor of the other party. These risks are then assessed to arrive at a verdict: sign immediately, minor adjustments needed or major adjustments/unworkable.

This assessment and estimation are completely customizable. Do you want to accept ten-year maturities, severely limit liability or do you want the Court of Haarlem to have exclusive jurisdiction? You set it up, and Lynn carries it through. Time and again.

Comments and adjustments

When you upload a Word document (docx), Lynn can modify its content. You will then receive both comments in the margin, and an adjusted clause in redline (or “comment tracking” in English). This allows both you and the other party to see what the adjustment should be.

Lynn relies on a database of dozens of variations of different clauses, identified as best practice by legal experts. In this way, you get an adaptation that not only serves your interests: the adaptation stays close to the original text, so that the other party is more likely to accept it. After all, who is waiting for a completely crossed out contract followed by a copy of the standard contract from the other side?


For paid accounts, you can set Lynn’s criticism, assessment, and estimations entirely as you wish. You can also determine what the advice should be: if a contract only contains a different choice of law, that might be acceptable without further negotiation, for example. A workflow where the contract goes straight to the lawyer is also possible.

Archive access

With the paid accounts, you also have access to an archive of all the documents already reviewed and their comments.

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