Lynn. The lawyerbot that saves you time.

Let Lynn do the standard work. Then you can move on to the real legal challenges.

Lynn reviews and annotates your non-disclosure agreements and processor agreements. Why spend time looking for standard issues when Lynn can do it much faster and just as thoroughly?

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Lynn dient uw belang
Lynn serves your purpose

You can make Lynn work however you want. Strictly against long maturities? Accept only Dutch law, or stretch liability far and wide, with penalty clauses always included? No problem: you make the choices and Lynn implements them. Every time. Accurate and legally correct.

Lynn negotiates thoroughly

If a contract does not meet your requirements, Lynn will identify that and make a counteroffer. In doing so, she draws on a broad database of best practice clauses, with the aim of getting the counteroffer accepted quickly. So, not simply imposing one standard text all the time; Lynn will look for a modification that fits the current text.

Lynn onderhandelt scherp
Lynn werkt met u samen
Lynn works together with you

You can set up Lynn’s workflow however you like. Documents can be uploaded through the web interface, or you can forward an emailed contract to Lynn and within minutes you will receive the review back. An API connection is also possible.

All advantages

summed up

Fast and accurate
Lynn has been trained on thousands of documents and recognizes many variations. On average, you will get a complete review within 1 minute 20. Lynn’s margin of error is less than ten percent.

Your best interest
Lynn can be as strict or lenient as you want. You are at the controls.

You keep an overview
All reviewed documents are available through the control panel, including the review findings. A link to your Contract Management System is possible.

Try Lynn or ask for a demo

We like to show you what we are proud of. That’s why we provide you with account information or a no-obligation demonstration of our platform. In case of questions, our legal tech specialists are happy to think along with you without any obligation.

Interested to know more about Lynn?

Want to know everything about Lynn's functionalities? Want to know how Lynn can be applied in your organisation? Our legal tech experts are happy to share their thoughts without any obligation.

These companies are already using Lynn Legal